Volunteers aren’t paid because they are priceless! Do you need to earn community service or volunteer hours for high school or college? Do you have time to give back? As Helen Keller once expressed, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  Stop in and find out that through volunteering, the real gift is given to you. Help us help horses heal people!

Our PATH Certified Instructors, Barn Manager, and Grounds/Maintenance Workers are in need of assistance.  We can use your skills in:

  • Sidewalking for therapeutic lessons
  • Leading the horses during therapeutic lessons
  • Tacking/untacking horses for lessons
  • Grooming the horses
  • Working on farm maintenance tasks
  • Organizing office supplies
  • Cleaning/dusting
  • And so much more!

Whatever the reason is that you want to volunteer, we can help you give back to your community. We also have a “Work to Ride” program set up to provide our volunteers with free riding lessons. 

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